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Open Source on Steroids: From Experiment to Global Impact in 7 Days

This talk chronicles the heroic story of the development of CHIME, a pandemic modeling tool created at Penn Medicine to assist in hospital capacity planning. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to develop software during an emergency, this is the session for you! In this session I’ll cover:

How Open Source Software (OSS) allowed us to turn a Jupyter notebook into an interactive tool in record time.

How we leveraged cloud computing to scale our app so that others could benefit from our efforts.

How we managed an open-source project with a sudden influx of hundreds of developers and thousands of users.

The implications of developing CHIME during a global emergency.

The critical contributions of Philly’s civic-hacking community.

And finally, the impact CHIME had in the US and globally.

Michael Becker
Senior Data Scientist, Penn Medicine